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DragonflyTV Nano
Investigating the Nanoworld

DragonflyTV, the Emmy Award Winning PBS KIDS GO! show that’s all about real kids doing real science, wants kids to think small. That’s right. In its seventh season DragonflyTV explores the science of the incredibly small with six new episodes on the revolutionary world of nanoscale science and technology—DragonflyTV Nano.

So what exactly is this “nanoscale?”

A nanometer is one billionth of a meter. At this size, materials take on new properties, making possible new applications that could alter everyday items from the clothes we wear to the cars we drive. Nanotechnology is already influencing medical treatments, energy efficiency, and more!

DragonflyTV Nano showcases ordinary kids conducting extraordinary inquiry-based investigations, aided by science museums and university research labs nationwide. The DragonflyTV Nano series presents the “big ideas” in nanoscience and nanotechnology:

  1. Size and Scale
  2. Structure of Matter
  3. Small is Different
  4. Forces at the Nanoscale
  5. Applications
  6. Nanotechnology and Society

Each DragonflyTV Nano episode also features a "Scientist Profile," highlighting an outstanding working scientist, and a "Wait a Nano Second " segment, in which everyday kids talk about the ethical and environmental issues relating to nanotechnology.

Can't wait for broadcast ? No problem. Dragonfly TV is an interactive, multi-media, 24/7 science experience. Visit to stream science segments, play games and riddles, share experiments, and download video Podcasts.

DragonflyTV is produced by Twin Cities Public Television (tpt), based in St. Paul, MN. Twin Cities Public Television is a producer of award-winning PBS science programs for kids, including Newton's Apple and DragonflyTV.

Erin Martin Kane
emk | public relations

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